Webdesign Is Art… Or At Least It Can Be

Web design is the art of planning and organizing the content of a site to share it with the world online. Web design has many components working together to produce a websites final look, including graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation. A mix of aesthetic and functional elements, web design is what defines the appearance of a website–such as its colors, fonts, and graphics–as well as shapes its structure and user experience. Web design is the process of planning and building out elements of a website, from its structure and layout, to images, colors, fonts, and graphics.    Show Source Texts

Web design is what produces the overall look of the site as it is used. When designing websites, web designers typically make use of typography, colors, and layouts in order to form users emotions. A critical component in web design, typography can be used to compliment the aesthetic style of the site, or reinforce written messages across the entire website.    Show Source Texts

This is why building a responsive design is vital in website creation. The process that designers go through when creating a usable website is vastly different from that artists go through to make a beautiful work of art.    Show Source Texts

After the site is launched, the Web designer is usually involved in testing the site even more, gathering feedback from users, then iterating over the design. Some web designers create only the visual designs and/or high-fidelity interactive prototypes of a website, leaving coding the site up to the front-end and back-end developers.    Show Source Texts

Web designers take your ideas and convert them to mockups, which display how the website of the future will look. You can build a great website by absolutely nailing the design of the web site right from the start. For newbie web designers, a website builder is an excellent basic tool which is easy to adjust in terms of visual elements as well as features.    Show Source Texts

With the increase in site builders offering free custom templates, creating website designs is easier than ever. Unlocking an awesome design for your new or existing site may feel like a magic process of transformation, building, and pairing. Designing your site, much like a mystical gold recipe, is an intricate, mystical, and at times maddening process – one that is well worth getting just right.    Show Source Texts

Every designer, web developer, and website owner can have their own approach to building websites, but there is a standard checklist of items and concepts to consider. Web design may apply to an eCommerce website or blog, but everything related to how the site looks falls under the design umbrella. Good web design is much more than just a pretty website, it is the place where art meets an interactive UI, and where, to my mind, unnecessary aesthetics are put aside in favor of usability and the users experience. Depending on the goals of a web site design, creative and marketing teams will pick from a variety of different types of visuals.    Show Source Texts

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